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Pushover notifications for SSH logins

Curious to know when a user logs into your server successfully via SSH? Using Pushover notifications you can have something like this. Fortunately, tying together PAM and Pushover is painless. Log into Pushover and register an application. Spruce things up with a relevant icon and make note of the application’s API token and your user […]

MonoTorrent Gtk# Interface Summer Wrap-up

Since my last public update around midterm, the gtk-sharp interface has shaped into a fairly nice and usable client. Over the last week I implemented a RSS manager which turned out pretty well, and squashed the remaining known bugs. Although I was unable to implement all the deliverables originally planned, I feel the ones which […]

MonoTorrent Gtk# Interface Update

Finally an update to this log, conveniently before midterm evaluations! I have updated the midterm deliverables page to reflect the current status of the project, but for those who love visuals here is a screenshot showing off the interface in action. As of posting, most basic functionality is complete. As listed in the midterm deliverables […]

Accepted to Google Summer of Code 2007

Now that the dust has settled over a busy semester I am happy to announce that I was accepted to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2007. This summer I will have the privilege to write a MonoTorrent Gtk# interface for the Mono Project. My mentor will be a former Summer of Code student […]