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Accepted to Google Summer of Code 2007

May 5, 2007 - Posted in Summer of Code 2007 Posted by:

Now that the dust has settled over a busy semester I am happy to announce that I was accepted to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2007. This summer I will have the privilege to write a MonoTorrent Gtk# interface for the Mono Project. My mentor will be a former Summer of Code student and author of the MonoTorrent library, Alan McGovern.

This year Google accepted over 900 students across the globe from around 6200 applications. To say the least, I am quite honoured to have the opportunity to work on this project and hope people enjoy it! 🙂 Over the summer this weblog will be a journal of my progress as well as status reports. If you are interested in the development of the Gtk# MonoTorrent client then this the place to lurk.

I’d also like to congratulate Armando Diaz-Jagucki on having his proposal accepted to the XMPP Standards Foundation.


Everaldo Canuto 13 years ago

Hey! I cant wait to get out with Azureus and use this new torrent front end 🙂

Asbjørn Ulsberg 13 years ago

Why aren’t you writing the interface in System.Windows.Forms, so it works natively on Windows as well as on Gnome? GTK# forces Windows users to install GTK, while an SWF implementation would allow the framework to decide how to render it. Isn’t SWF in Mono mature enough yet, or what is the problem? Seeing that Miguel has managed to get Pain.NET running on Linux, I would think SWF should be mature enough for a simple Torrent GUI, but I might be wrong. Please enlighten me! 🙂

Jared Hendry 13 years ago

I’m not using WinForms because this interface will be predominantly a Gnome client, and I would like it to integrate well with that environment. While it will of course be able to run on other platforms I am focusing my attention on having a solid Gnome bittorrent client.

Fortunately for those interested in a WinForms client there is one in development located here…

mbishop 13 years ago

When I tested it for you, it was really nice, no bugs that I saw. Can’t wait for Addin support 🙂